Paintless Dent Removal

The process of Paintless Dent Removal involves applying pressure on the opposite side of the dent with specifically designed tools. To remove a dent or ding, the damaged metal must be worked from behind, pushing the metal back to its original shape. Special dent removal tools push on certain points under the dent, causing the metal to compress back to its original shape without creating any damage to the paint.

Very low cost

compared to traditional body shops

Original paint remains

helps retain vehicles looks and value

Same day repairs

even while-you-wait service

Body panels remain intact

maintaining structural integrity

No paint work

Sanding, or traditional bodywork required

PDR does not address scratches or paint chips

that are often associated with dings (Many PDR companies will address chips and scratches, but it’s not PDR technology)

Many areas

of body panels are not accessible, so PDR is not an option

Some damage

can occur to door panels, paint, interiors, window glass and hardware, although damage of any kind is rare.

Plastic bumpers

or any plastic components can’t be fixed with PDR techniques. Since the bumper is the most common area to get damaged, this is a significant downside of PDR technology.

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